Thursday, June 30, 2011

In a world of clones

Dolly on the cover of Time

There are probably a very small audience of people that read this blog and remember a game called Star Wars Republic Commando. In this game you are a clone in an army of clones however you are special. A select few of the millions of clones created are chosen to become a commando. Even though all the development stage of the clone's life is exactly the same as all the others (ensuring that they all look the same and are in peak condition) the commandos are treated and educated differently. Normally a clone is a mindless foot soldier in this army, however commandos are trained in specific fields are referred to as elite. In the game you play as the leader of a group of commandos and are a very well rounded soldier. Your "brothers" (also clones, so they really are you) are all completely different from each other. It's because they are individual people and specialize in different areas of expertise. They also all think and reason differently and have different personalities. For example Sev is a hunter which in war means he's good with a sniper rifle. He has one thing on his mind and that's the mission and hunting his prey. Meanwhile Fixer, another member of the team, is more of a war hero. He's extremely tech savy and prefers to use blades on his wrists to dispose of enemies. No matter what your genetic code says it has a small part to do with the person someone becomes.

Imagine living in a world full of clones of yourself. Just because everyone looks like you doesn't mean everyone is going to be nice to you. Social classes would arise and stereotypes would also arise. There would be jock versions of you, nerds, social butterflies, loners, rockers, the whole deal. Now when you reach adulthood the up bringing of one clone is going to be different from that of another and thus a different person is made.

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