Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Intro and How I feel

Be ready everyone because the future starts tomorrow. Everything we were taught in school, mainly science classes, is subject to change and yet we learn what is taught to be infallible. I mean, we are forced to if we want to get good grades and get a good job, but in reality we can be taught 2+2=fish and if we say 4 on a test we're wrong. The key to being a good student is listening and repeating. Learning comes from life experiences and is our body's way of saying doing this again is a good thing (or bad thing). Look at history:

Dark Ages:
the black death is here and if you do not repent and pray to God you will die.

the bubonic plague was transferred across Europe via a number of different carriers from Asian traders.

This is funny because I'm pretty sure if you were to take a test in "school" during the Dark Ages and wrote down that the black death could be avoided by any way other than repenting you would be called a blasphemer and burned.

Ok so I think I've made my point about the education system, however this is not the point of this blog, it's mainly to educate you on my beliefs of controversial genetic research and practices. As well as maybe educate you about what actually goes on in them. My first topic of conversation is why I could never clone myself, believe me, it's possible. Should it be done? Maybe, but should I have a clone today? Hell no. Not only do I not want a copy of myself, I do not need to look after a child at this point in my life. These are still not reasons why I won't do it, just reasons why I should not do it tomorrow. The idea behind cloning a person shouldn't be to replace a dead relative or create another famous person at all but rather to use one's own cells to test medications, study viruses, and possibly regrow lost organs and tissues. Instead of waiting years for little Jimmy Everychildwithcancer to find a donor for a new, uh... lung, and put this little fictional 8 year old (he's a chronic smoker) on medications that would weaken his immune system, so it doesn't destroy this new functional lung, for the rest of his life we can create a new lung from Jimmy's own cells. Now no one is missing a lung and Jimmy can go about his normal everyday (chain smoking) life with 2 lungs.

However there is an opposing side to this miracle of science, and no its not that they don't like Jimmy. To create a human life is something so sacred that it would shouldn't be done on a whim. Human life is very precious and should be kept precious. However it all depends on what you define as life. A living cell? To me this cell is part of you and you should have every right to take it for yourself. A new human being cloned from you? It's a new human being! Yes the cells are identical to you, but it's not you. It was born and should be given the freedoms you were. Now figuring out when a person stops becoming cells and starts becoming a fetus is a debate for a pro-choice and pro-life blog.

This still is not why I won't clone myself, so stop thinking about the ethical reasons behind actually doing and start thinking about me, the cloned me that is. I would see myself grown up and think I have to follow that. What happens when I get old and die? Would I die the same way? Would disease affect me in the same fashion? How much does environment actually affect the genes of someone with the same genes? What happens when I get married? Will my wife look at my clone as her own child or just a step child? It is in fact only half hers. Would she fall in love with me when she's old and I'm the age we first met? I will never be able to answer these questions and they are very difficult to consider. If I was told today that I am just a clone I would just have to stop and think, why would I do that to myself?

So in closing, thank you for reading and I hope you decide to continue to read

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