Tuesday, July 5, 2011

She's perfect

Have you ever wondered what attracted you to someone? Well the answer may be written in your genetic code. There are a number of different factors that could potentially attract you to someone ranging from their genes to someone that would be able to carry your child. For example a numbe of women I have spoken to say their number one priorty (not really, but this is a key factor) is finding a man that is taller than her, some prefer one that is still taller than her in 3 inch heels. Why does height matter to women? Well my theory is women want their children to be big and strong and if their husband is smaller than her the tallest the child is likely to be is her height. A funny dilemna for myself is that women with red hair tend to appeal the most to me. Why? Well red hair is extremely rare and thus women with red hair tend to stand out to me more than women with blonde or dark hair.

Freud has another theory on what attracts us and he spoke of it in great detail in his 5 lectures on psychoanalysis. His theory being is we fall in love with our parents, for example I was in love with my mother when I was very young and forgot this. I believe this to be in fact very true, mainly because every girl I really like has tendancies that are similar to my mother's and some vague physical characteristics are similar as well (skin type, hair color, height). I began trying to think of a logical explaination that would fit for this and one I came up with stems from the nature vs nurture debate. I am a successful human being and I was born from my parents, so knowing my mother created something successful I would want to find a potential mate like her in order to bear a child. Yes this outlook is very primative but isn't reproduction one of the most primative urges in our mind? To reproduce is the only way to carry on the human race and this MUST be programmed in our mind for us to even exist today. Had this not been a key factor in our mind the ones that lacked this would have died off years ago, leaving only the ones with a strong urge to reproduce. Natural selection at its finest.

This is not my family.

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