Friday, July 1, 2011

What's your sign?

When I was a young preteen I read a book for summer reading called the House of the Scorpion. The book starts off kind of mysterious through the eyes of a young boy stuck in a house surrounded by poppies. As you continue to read ***spoiler alert*** you find out this boy is one of many clones that belong to a rich drug dealer that sells opium to countries. He pretty much owns a country close to Mexico and America (it takes place in the future and the boarders are really different). So he uses these clones to harvest new organs to keep himself alive. Is this actually possible? Uh... yeah, sure is. Should this be done in this fashion? Hell no. This child is a person, the book is about this small part of his life. He has a past and aspirations for the future, who can tell him no, you have to die today because we need your heart. There may be people that think this kind of future is possible however this is not what science is trying to achieve. The idea behind growing an organ from a clone sounds just like this, but what if the clones organ was grown in a test tube? Would that still be an issue? You are in fact keeping that new organ alive only if you get it transferred into your own body. No one wants to create a person to strip them of their organ, but there are people that would like to grow organs from your own cells. How small does life have to be for it to be considered a symbiotic relationship and not murder?

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