Monday, July 4, 2011

X Men

The other day I saw the new X Men movie and it was pretty much amazing. Question is: can I get super powers from radiation from nuclear energy? HAHA no. If you've ever seen after affects from nuclear bomb explosions on Japan then you have seen the mass damage that radition can cause. It may in fact cause mutations, however these mutations are not cool. They are more like cancers, growths, just plain terrible.

Oh and the worst part is these growths and cancer appear in the next generation of children. The people that experience the primary radiation get very sick and their children have mutations that are far less than desireable.

Well early in the movie a character, a German Nazi scientist, is convinced genes are the key to creating mutants with extraordinary powers. Now lets examine this with using Magneto as a model. If there was a type of gene that could be altered to allow his power of moving metalic objects how would he be able to do so? I would assume he would have to manipulate ions in the air which would in turn send an electic impulse to the object in question and then be able to have the object repel or attract to his own ions. Whatever, Magneto would have such a crazy diet and would need his cells to produce massive amounts of ions that he could use to send across air (hard) and move something (really hard). I'm sorry to say but even if there was a gene that could be turned on to do this, his entire physiology would have to be adapted to do this. X Men is a fantastic super hero franchise, and that's about all it is. 

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  1. Ok so Magneto's ability may be genetically and physically impossible. What about a more feasible ability, say Wolverine. He has the ability to retract bone (yes it was bone originally before augmented with adamantium) and to heal wounds rapidly.

    Both of these abilities seem realistically possible. One would have to have genes that alter their skeleton and improve the already-existent self-healing ability.

    Does this leave any room for possibility?